Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Reading Assignment Eleven


Sooo... I finally got into Emma by Jane Austen. I'm so excited! I had the same sort of hesitation before Pride and Prejudice- "Why read this? It's gonna take so long, will it be worth it? It's gonna take longer, do you really wanna deal with that?" Well, I bit the bullet, and cracked my book open. So far, it's okay. I'm not going to lie, it's not rocking my world. But, Pride and Prejudice didn't either, at least not in the beginning. At the same time, Pride and Prejudice was also a book that kept me up till three in the morning, dying to find out the fate of those fateful lovers. So, I'm reserving my judgement for a little while. We'll see how it goes.
On a different note, one of my predictions is correct! Huzzah! It is true that ***SPOILER ALERT***(highlight to read) Emma's mother died when she was younger.It is a very integral part of the story, and I think it really shapes the character of Emma Woodhouse. Emma has so far come off as a proper young woman, but possibly one who thinks she's way more important than she actually is. But, because she's so kind and loving, her friends and family overlook this small weakness.
I've decided to make another prediction:

Emma will end up with Mr. Knightley.
He's a family friend, and it goes along with my previous prediction. See here.
So, my charming readers... if you're out there.. Other than my mysterious teacher (Hi Mysterious Teacher!).. I'm going to push forward with Emma and keep you updated on both the truth of my predictions and my general feeling toward Emma Woodhouse and her- well, what happens to her.

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