Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Reading Assignment Ten

Good Afternoon!

So, I really found The Five People You Meet in Heaven by Mitch Albom really fascinating. The idea that you can explain a lifetime of meaning through five people seems really uplifting and happy. It made me think of the people who have impacted my life in immeasurable ways. And it made me think about how you can measure the impact someone makes on you. My baby brother can barely talk, yet I've changed so much since he came along. My mother dated a guy in her twenties who loved to ride his bike. After they broke up, he was riding down the road, just like any other day. A lawyer was driving his car, and had just won a huge case. The lawyer was drunk and hit this man on the bicycle. The man on the bike is a quadriplegic now. He can't move from the neck down. That one second of impact changed his life forever. He is completely dependent on a caretaker now. And the drunk driver? He's in jail I'm guessing. Both of these people changed the others' life.
Other moments and people define our lives: the day we are born, the day we graduate from college, our weddings, the birth of a child. Each moment contains a periphery of people. And each one has helped us get there.

Ever life matters, and everyone makes a difference. That's what this book taught me.

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  1. 6/6 entries for 9/4 and 4/4 entries for 9/23/09--good job!

    Your blog is a delight to read! I'm so glad that the process is helping you to read more deeply and/or carefully--that's the goal of the assignment!

    I thought Grisham did a great job of building suspense throughout the book. I kept wondering if Ron would have been as bad off if he'd not had to spend those many years in jail. I really do want to become a death row lawyer now...how about you?

    5 People is well worth pausing for--glad that you enjoyed it. You've chosen three books that make you look at self, society, and the general nature of things. Good for you!