Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Reading Assingment Six


I am almost done with The Innocent Man! As I was reading last night, I came across a truly sad passage; it was the passage about execution of people on Death Row. The passage went into detail about the entire process: how the prisoner's last day is spent visiting with family, lawyers, and friends. It explains the process of being strapped down to be executed. Oklahoma uses lethal injection to execute its criminals. At the facility Ron Williamson was housed, there are two viewing rooms. One room is for the family of the executed prisoner; one room is for the family of the victim. The prisoner cannot see through the glass; the prisoner cannot see his/her family when death comes.
Regardless of political views, death is a tragic thing. Executions of prisoners is definitely included in this category. The family of the prisoner have to say goodbye through a wall of glass. No hugs, no kisses, no human contact at the very end. There's no hand to hold as this person crosses over into death. The last pair of eyes the condemned one shall see will be those of the warden, not the eyes of loved ones. Death is tragic, and executions should not be excluded from this list. They are the final moments of a life; they are the scheduled deaths that await many convicts.
This passage has affected me the most yet. It is straightforward and very clear in description. I think this is why it touched me the most. The style of writing corresponds with the subject; both of them are stark and cold, with minimal emotion.


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