Monday, September 21, 2009

Reading Assignment Nine


So, I took a small detour. I am still fully committed to Emma by Jane Austen. But the other night, I was scoping my bookshelves for an unread book, and The Five People You Meet in Heaven by Mitch Albom fell into my hands. Instantly I wanted to read it. So I did. I read the entire book in two days. And I loved every page. It's about this man named Eddie who dies on his eighty-third birthday. He thinks that his life was nothing special, but when he dies, five people explain how he made a prfound impact on them. I loved this story for its honesty and hope. Eddie slowly realizes the difference he made, that every life is precious and worth something. Some of the people he meets didn't make a huge impact on him, while others changed his life entirely. My favorite person was his military captain. I felt that he made the biggest impact on Eddie. The captain taught him the hardest lesson: the lesson of sacrifice. Eddie learned that to have one thing, sometimes you have to give up something really important. Each person taught him something new, but the captain said the hard stuff. I think that's why I liked him best; I've always admired people who aren't afraid to say tough things, but instead just get them out.

These people made me think of who I'd want to me when I die. I know I'd want to see at least one of my parents, but beyond that, I don't know who I would want waiting for me.

If you died today, who would you want to see?

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