Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Reading Assingment Five

Bonjour! I've been reading The Innocent Man for three weeks now, and I have a feeling I know who the killed Debbie Carter. I think the killer is (drumroll please!).... Glen Gore. I firmly believe he murdered her, and here is why:
Glen Gore was seen in the parking lot of the Coachlight, which is the last place Debbie Carter was seen alive. As she was talking to him, a witness saw her shove him away (Hmm, interesting). After her murder, Glen Gore did not submit hair samples to the police like the other men Debbie knew. Gore was a witness at the trial of Ron Williamson. He testified that Carter asked Gore to save her from Williamson. The nail in his coffin- at least in my book- is his criminal record. Gore had an extensive history of violence against women. Gore shot a police officer while holding his wife and daughter hostage. Beofore that, he broke into her house and stabbed her with a knife. He also choked her.
Something I have not mentioned before now is that Debbie Carter was raped before her death. Gore's history of hurting women made him a prime cantidate as the murderer, which should have been more solid due to a witness seeing Carter push him the night of her murder. Gore's fingerprints were never recognized in court; he never submitted them. There was a bloody handprint at the crime scene that did not match Ron Williamson. It could have matched Gore. I am fairly certain Gore murdered Carter. The evidence against him stacks up much higher compared to that of Ron Williamson.

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