Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Reading Assignment Two

Hi! I'm now on page 147 of "The Innocent Man." It's finally gotten really interesting! At last! To be honest, I was bored at first... nonfiction has never been very interesting to me. I prefer characters over facts. But the plot has thickened (so to say) and I'm enjoying the suspense. At the moment, Ron Williamson has been arrested for the murder of Debbie Carter. Looking back, he's the character that has changed the most over the course of the last 147 pages. Ron started out as a promising baseball player, groomed to join the major league. He loses that chance when his shoulder becomes injured, and his life plummets after that. He drinks excessively, and eventually develops a mental illness. During my last post, I stated how sure I was that he was not the killer. However, now I'm not so sure. The evidence the book gives that he is guilty has begun to mount. His sanity is completely non-existent. He shouts in the court room, and screams in his cell; Ron has finally come off his rocker. This is where I finally became interested in the outcome of this book. Ron is clearly not sane, yet the inner flap of the book states that he*** SPOILER ALERT (highlight it if you want to see)***recieves the death penalty.How could this happen? I knew it from the beginning, but now that I know who he is, the result of his murder trial is shocking. The contrast between his former self and later self is astounding, but the way he is treated has left me flabbergasted. I'm hooked until the end; how did Ron come to this fate?

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