Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Reading Assignment Fourteen


Last time I discussed relatable characters. But unrelatable characters are equally important. I have not found a character yet in Emma that I cannot relate to... but what if I had? What would have made them unrelatable? I think that characters you cannot believe are the unrelatable ones. Every character thinks that they are the protagonist, not the supporting one. That means that the "best friend" doesn't only live within the limits of the category of "best friend." No one is the bridesmaid and never the bride. They are always the bride. Also, I find characters whose personality doesn't suit their actions to be unbelieveable. If someone is really shy, and then they do something wild and crazy, I am going to think that they are completely bogus. Or that they have multiple personalities, which will make me just plain annoyed. I did not sign up for multiple personalities, I signed up for real people in a fake universe.
Unrelatable characters are the witches from fairy tales who want to slay their daughters. Although Emma sort of reads like an old fairy tale, none of the characters are like this. Each one has their own voice and personality. The things that come out of their mouths are sensible. I am looking forward to seeing where these people take me.

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  1. 4/4 for 10/7/09--good job!

    It took a while for Emma to grow on me also--I think it's Austen's style of building a story. The tension comes when you realize that her interfering could cause great harm, and then you wait for the damage to be done. Is this a world where one can make mistakes and correct them?

    Very enjoyable reading is your blog. Sincerely, Yoda.