Thursday, October 29, 2009

Reading Assignment Sixteen

I'm several pages into Rattled! and I'm loving it!!! Christine Coppa is so real. Her fear and doubt leaps out from the page. I feel just as bewildered as she does. Every thought that Coppa thinks is going through my mind as well. I feel for her; I want things to work out for her. And when she goes to get that first ultrasound, I'm in the room with her. I'm anxiously biting my nails- on a side note, when I read that part, I really did anxiously bite my nails- and hoping for the best. And I don't even know what the best actually is.
Suddenly, the bomb drops: she's pregnant. Christine is with child. Wow. Her whole life has changed. She's having a baby. A real, live, kicking, crying, screaming, cooing baby.
When I read that she was pregnant, I kinda felt shocked. I couldn't believe that she was having a baby. A real baby. The weight of that is so overwhelming. I cannot imagine what it would be like to be unexpectedly pregnant. And have a baby, without planning it. I mean, I knew that she got pregnant, but when I actually read it, it shocked me all over again.

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