Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Reading Assignment Thirteen

I cannot believe this is post number thirteen! Wow! It would be really cool if I were writing this on Friday the thirteenth... I am not. Oh well. Anyways, I have gotten a little farther into Emma and, I'm not going to lie, it is starting to grow on me. Maybe its the language, or maybe the anticipation of a good love story (I am a sucker for a good love story), but I have become more anxious to do my reading every night. Emma's self importance has become endearing. And it has made me think of what makes a character likable. I think that a likable character needs to be, above ALL other things, relatable. If I cannot relate to a character, just, no. It will not happen. The whole point of a book is to connect to the reader. The reader cannot connect unless the characters are relatable.
Emma is relatble because of her compassion. She gives herself to whatever she does, and she does it wholeheartedly.She is full of compassion, but also full of passion. I can relate to that. I can relate to the passion she puts into things, and it makes me like her more. It makes me more willing to overlook her faults, like the constant need to fix a problem or match someone up. Also, I am finding Mr. Knightley particularly grounding. He seems to bring Emma back down to earth on a regular basis. Interesting...

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