Thursday, October 29, 2009

Reading Assignment Nineteen

Dear Yoda,
Hey, sorry about that last post. My book was full of anxiety, and I guess I was too. (I suddenly feel like a method actor. Ha!) I have calmed down a bit since my last post, and several things have happened. I have:

  1. Read farther in my book!
  2. Relaxed.
  3. Eaten something. It's amazing how some sugar can make me zen!
  4. Read some more.
I'm back to being myself, and so is Christine. She's a little more confident, and I am more confident in her. Christine is taking control of her life and her pregnancy. I almost feel a little proud! It's amazing how an author can make his or her readers empathize with the character. Like, when I read Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen, I completely agreed that Mr. Darcy was proud. I agreed when her opinion slowly began to change; I started to root for the guy. And by the time she was in love with him, I kinda was too! And then, when I read it again, I totally empathized with Mr. Darcy. He did so many things for her, and she had no idea! And then, he tells her how he feels, and the woman scorns him! She says that he's the last person she'd ever want to marry! Humph! I felt so awful for him; he loves this woman, and she's shoving him away. When I read The Reader, Peter was so wounded. Hanna abuses him over and over, and he can't explain to himself what is off. If I can do anything as a writer, if I can aspire to do one glorious thing, it would not be writing great description. I wouldn't want to write a thrilling mystery. I want to write real characters, ones that are so present that they're practically tangible. I want to write real people.
Hope you're enjoying the blog. If you have any great book ideas for me, please suggest them!! May the Force be with you.

Jedi Knight

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