Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Reading Assignment Thirty Three

Whatever "in love means"

Oh boy. I'm still reading The Diana Chronicles. I am at the part where the author, Tina Brown, discusses the courtship between Diana and Charles. It makes me so sad. Here is this fairytale story that is wrought with sadness. I cannot fathom the pain that the relationship caused. Diana and Charles had this frail courtship; she never knew if he actually liked her, and he never knew whether he was ready for her. They had polar opposite views of the world, and sometimes being opposites can bring people together. It did not bring Diana and Charles together. It tore them apart.
The author makes Charles sound like this awful, indecisive old maid who just chose Diana because it sounded good and got him out of hot water. And Diana sounds like he jerked her around the whole time. Look, I know that they had issues, and that it takes two and blah blah blah. The author needs to cut the funny business. I am not reading to hear about how she thinks this and that. I just wish that she would not write the way she does. Boo.
The quote at the top is something that Charles said in an interview. It was meant to be self-depricating, but the media spun it to sound cruel after Charles and Diana divorced. I hate the media for that. Can they not just leave people alone? Really?

More on these subjects later....

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