Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Reading Assignment Thirty Four

Diana: The Icon

I think that it has been established that Diana Spencer is an icon for the ages. She has been immortalized in the media- in this book- and it seems only appropriate to bring this up. Because she was really something. And one of the things she is most known for was her fashion. Diana could dress up and look really pretty. She wore suits and slacks. She was the epitome of good style. She always had a good haircut. She had the most (ridiculous) luxurious wedding gown I've ever seen. It was a meringue gown that had a huge train. She dripped in diamonds. It was the wedding of the century. After that, she continued to be a fashion icon. I remember seeing a photograph of her once evening. It is a very famous photo. She is dancing with John Travolta. She looks so happy and carefree. Her dress is all black and swings out at the bottom. It is the type of photo that you stare at. I have seen so many pictures of her, but that one sticks out in my mind. There is one like it on the inside cover of this book. And the author mentions my photo in the book. It is said to have taken another star off the cover of magazines.
Did Diana live in a bubble? I would say yes. Did we put her in a bubble? That is the more controversial question. Just like the fallout from the Tiger Woods scandal, Diana also had some fallout. Both were put in a bubble by the media, and both of the bubbles burst. We only have ourselves to blame for the disappointment.

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  1. 1/27/10--happy new year!
    Really great commentary! Your timing on reading the Diana book is perfect--have you gone/are you going to see the display of her stuff that's nearby?

    The Old Man and the Sea is a one-sitting read! What do you mean you "took a break from it"??? :-)