Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Reading Assignment Twenty-Six

Water for Elephants is great! I love the book, but I am having a problem: I am having trouble keeping all the characters straight. See, I read a lot of books. I just love to read. And I can read multiple books at once. I never have a problem stopping, reading something else, and then picking back up. But Water for Elephants is confusing me! I know there's Jacob, Marlena, Catherine, August, Big Al, and Kinko, but there's so many others too. A character will make a brief appearance, only to go away! If I see a character in a book, I am bound to think he or she is important. But now, there's so many people who are circulating, I don't know who to pay attention to. I kind of think that's the point because there's a (SPOILER ALERT!!!) murder at the beginning of the book. I think that so many characters are circulating so that I am a little disoriented. If I don't know who's ambling about, it's harder to form allegiances to characters who might die or be killed. Anyhow, I am still disoriented. It is a good move by the author to keep me on my toes, but it's getting a little annoying at this point. I don't need 10 main characters to keep track of. It is beyond confusing.
Other than that, the book is awesome. It's engaging and the ( multiple) characters are developed well without me feeling like I have a character blurb shoved in my face. It is a book I would recommend to most, maybe not younger people ( it's intense.) I am glad that SA recommended it to me, and that I gave it a chance.

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