Thursday, December 10, 2009

Reading Assignment Twenty Seven

Water for Elephants is such a peculiar book. I really like it, but the Sara Gruen (the author), continues to baffle me. I cannot seem to predict what will happen next. I know that there will eventually be an animal stampede, but above that, I am blind to the plot. Something is coming, I just do not know what. It reminds me a lot of watching Mad Men. In a season of Mad Men, nothing happens and everything happens. The show is set up to make the viewer learn patience. Some episodes don't have a big climax. Other episodes are all climax. It leaves the viewers on their toes all the time. Water for Elephants is like that. It keeps me on my toes even when nothing is happening. I am anxious to see how the characters go from where they are now to the stampede. It seems as though they'll never get there, but I have faith. I have learned to be patient. Right now Jacob and the rest of the characters are dealing with a new group of animals. Two of the horses had to be put down. It amazed me. The author took a scene that could be very grafic or very nondescript and made it both. It was overwhelming but not gross. I do not know how she does that, but I really want to study her writing more. It is the type of writing that could really help me. I think it is important as a writer to read a lot and study the work of others.

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