Thursday, November 12, 2009

Reading Assignment Twenty Four

I am almost done with Rattled! I have enjoyed every page. I only have a couple left, and Christine has taken JD to New York City. She loves New York City. She moved there after a big change, and moved away when she got pregnant. Although I have never been to NYC, I really want to go. I can understand her connection that city. There's a place in Canada, and I love it there. It's relaxing and quiet. The house is on the water, and if look straight down, you can see clear to the bottom. When you dive it, it's cold and refreshing. It's forty feet deep, and the rocks look precariously close- it is that clear. The island we live on is wooded and in seclusion. There is no air conditiong, no internet, not even cable TV. We kayak and I even saw a mink once. It takes two days to get there, we fly, drive, take a boat, take a train- almost every mode of transportation is involved. The boat we take, the big ferry, we always drive on whilst cranking Madonna music. It is the only artist my whole family can agree on. So we crank up the music, and we drive on in, and the next two hours are spent looking at the water and reading magazines. It's a journey.
On our last day in Canada, out boat left at eight. That meant we had to be up by six. I woke up at five, cold and unable to sleep. I grabbed a blanket, and snuck back under the covers. The sun wasn't up, so the lake was serene and dark. I watched it. I watched the water for fifteen minutes until it happened. Gradually, almost as if it weren't happening at all, the sun slowly glided up over the water. It was a moment straight out of the Lion King. A single beam of light broke over the water, and the whole sky lit up and turned a faint pink. It my first sunrise- until that last day, I'd never seen a sunrise. That moment, the one where the sun broke over the water, that's when my connection began. Something about that moment forever tied me to that island in Canada. So when Christine talks about her love of NYC, I understand. There's just some places we are tied to.

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  1. 4/4 entries
    Your writing is quite lyrical--lovely description of your Canadian vacation spot (in sharp contrast to NYC, though the analogy is clear). Your recognition of the old not being too far behind but distinctly different is very mature for your age, or any age. Well done.