Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Reading Assignment Twenty Two

She did it! Christine Coppa, the wonderful author of Rattled!, just had her baby in her book. She's a mom! I love the way she described the experience. She makes it feel like one of those defining moment. Like she walked in the delivery room one person, and came out another. Chrissy: single woman, pregnant woman, comes out as Chrissy: Mom. It's funny how people change and stay exactly the same like that. It's almost as if you could look back over your shoulder, and the old you isn't so far away, but is distinctly different- a past you. We are constantly evolving people, and the me you meet today is not the same one you meet tomorrow. I grow everyday. I get a little taller, I gain a little more knowledge, and put a little more experience behind me. Just in the span of a couple of hours, I become a different person. This is the way that most of us change- slowly, with a gradual move from one existance to another. Then there are the moments that divert us in a split-second. We're going down the regular path of our lives and POOF! we are a whole new person. Not just a little different, but so different that everything looks different. Touches are unknown and once farmiliar sounds seem foreign. It's like a blind man seeing for the very first time. Defining moments are rare and fleeting, but they change us in such beautiful ways. Some are miracles that leave us in wonder. Some make us lose all hope, only to gain it back again and appreciate the small moments we have on this planet. Some change our perceptions of life and the people who fill it. And some change our very identity. Like the birth of a child. Walking in a door as one person, and coming out as another. Chrissy: pregant woman... Chrissy: first-time mother. A defining moment.

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